illuminate offers a complete range of research methodologies and services – whether you need a full-service project where we handle everything from refining research objectives to presenting the results, or what we’re calling “ Just Ask” services.


  • We partner with you to clarify, refine and translate your marketing objectives into an actionable research plan.
  • We match the ideal methodology or tool with your specific research objective.
  • Every research vehicle we use is designed specifically for your project.
  • We personally oversee each phase of the project.

We dive deeply to reveal powerful insights which guide real marketing solutions.

“Just Ask”

If you’re faced with a specific need, let us know.  We can…

  • Help you navigate research software such as Survey Monkey.
  • Procure a hard-to-find sample.
  • Moderate a focus group or conduct a few interviews.
  • Locate available secondary research.
  • Re-analyze previously collected data.

Whatever you need… JUST ASK!