Why was our last blog post in April 2011?

We’ve been busy. And our blog has been overlooked; shoved to the bottom of the “to do” pile over and over. Since we write for a living you wouldn’t think writer’s block would be an issue, but in a way it has. Do we have anything interesting to say? Will other people read it? Like it?

Fall always seems to me to be time for new beginnings – sharpened pencils and new lunchboxes, new teachers and new friends. We hope to be a new source of enlightenment on a variety of topics related to market research. Following a recent Branding Bootcamp with Maria Ross of Red Slice (http://red-slice.com/), Debora and I put together a list of topics we plan to cover in upcoming blog posts – everything from marketing research blunders to whether you can use a self-service marketing research survey platform (those might be related mightn’t they?). We plan to post regularly – at least once a month, perhaps more frequently. There are some interesting things going on in the world of marketing research (yes, really!) and we hope to explore them with you.

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